Study in Turkey


" Study in Turkey "

Every year Turkey attracts students from different parts of the world, including Moroccan students who wish to complete their higher studies in public and private Turkish universities.

Whether you have a high school diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree, Turkish universities offer programs that suit students at various levels.

Public Education

How much are the tuition fees for studying the Turkish language, and how long is sufficient to obtain a language diploma?

In order to be able to join public universities after the qualifying year, you need to complete 4 levels of the Turkish language, each level requires 7 weeks of study at a cost of 1,000 euros in total for the four levels.

Once you have obtained the language diploma, you must pass the test for foreign students wishing to study in public universities.

If I want to study a preparatory year to learn the Turkish language, what documents will I need?

You have to provide us with your full name and your passport number. We will send you a document containing details about the university in which you will study the Turkish language.


How Much Does It Cost To Study In Public Universities In Turkey?

The cost of studying in public universities range from 300 to 600 dollars annually.

Private education

How much are the tuition fees in private universities in Turkey?

Tuition fees at private universities in Turkey vary according to universities and people, starting from $ 3,400 a year or more.